Friday, 26 November 2010

Two new species for Shakerley!


A visit to the Shakerley feeding station was on the cards for this morning, however watching the garden feeders whilst having breakfast, we almost abandoned the planned visit to Shakerley – as the garden was alive with finches!

We reluctantly left the warmth of our house & headed to a very cold (–3!) Shakerley. We were glad we made this decision as the first net round produced a new species for the Shakerley ringing list, in the form of a Redwing. Although we see lots of Redwing at the site, we never seem to catch any – we must put more effort in catching this species at Shakerley.

The above photo is for our Icelandic friend, Sverrir Thorstensen – who has in the last month, caught over 700 Redwings in his garden in Akureryi, along with Iceland’s first ringed Barred Warbler, lots of Redpolls, Wrens & Goldcrests. Although not quite 700, we were happy with just the one!!


Also caught this morning was another new species for the ringing list, this time another Goldcrest! Along with the Redwing & Goldcrest – 31 new birds were caught, with 16 recaps.

Species New Recap
Bullfinch 5 1
Chaffinch 5 1
Goldfinch 3  
Greenfinch 6  
Blue Tit 4 8
Great Tit 2 3
Willow Tit   2
Dunnock 1 1
Goldcrest 1  
House Sparrow 1  
Robin 2  
Redwing 1  
Totals 31 16


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  1. A nice catch of Bullfinch Kane. They are very scarce in the Fylde and it is a species that we haven't ringed for a long time.