Thursday, 25 November 2010

Controlled Crest!


Having neglected the Atherton Woods feeding station for over a week now, we decided to leave the comfort of our beds and pay an early morning visit to the wintry woods. 

Having set the nets and organised our ringing station, we gave it 15 minutes before the first net round produced the star bird of the day: a Goldcrest which was already carrying a ring! The bird (DCV398) was processed and released leaving us happy having had our first control for the woods.


During the mornings session Tits dominated the catch, however it was encouraging to see that Chaffinch have started to use the feeding station; with seven caught. A summary of birds caught this morning is as follows:


Species New Recap / Control
Great Tit 13 19
Blue Tit 15 9
Coal Tit 2 2
Long T Tit 1  
Goldcrest 4 1 control
Chaffinch 7  
Robin 2 1
Dunnock 1  
Nuthatch   1
Total 45 33


Ciaran Hatsell, BBC news, Atherton woods.

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