Tuesday 8 December 2009

Southport Marine Lake

On 08/12/2008 I spent my lunch hour at Southport Marine Lake, probably my best ever lunch hour, as in that hour I managed to catch, single handedly 45 Coot (40 new, 1 control, 4 recaps). So my mind was wondering whether it would be another good catch there today - however it was not to be! There were not many Coot on the lake today and non were brave enough to be caught. :(

So I met Stephen Menzie there this morning and we caught 13 birds - 8 Mute Swan, 3 Black Headed Gull and 2 Canada geese.

We also met up with John Gramauskas and Chris Tynan at Ainsdale Lake, where John expertly showed us how to catch Tufted Duck!!


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  2. 45 coots in an hour are impressing!
    I’m more than happy with just few mallards during my lunch break.


  3. Kane, you might want to consider using Blogger's comment moderation facilities. Peter's message advertises his pest control products implying they are suitable for ringers to use. Pest control equiptment is not likely to put much emphasis on releasing healthy birds with no or minimal impact on thier lives.

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