Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 - What a year!

On New Years Eve 2008 I decided that I would set a target of trying to ring over 1000 birds during 2009 - I'm pleased to say that, after grabbing every opportunity to get out ringing this year, on the 5th May I achieved it!! My 2009 total now stands at 1909 newly ringed birds. It's been a fantastic year not only for me, but also our ringing group (Loghan Hurst - Steve Christmas, Tim Christmas, Wes Halton, & Charles Findlay) as we've had our best year, totals wise, for over 10 years - ringing over 3000 birds.

I must say a few thank-yous, the first being to Steve Christmas for in the first place learning me how to bird ring but also for his encouragement and keeping me supplied with rings throughout the year. Also to Craig Brookes, Ciaran Hatsell and Chris Bridge for keeping me company when out ringing and for the good laughs!!

Must also thank the many landowners who have given us permission in accessing their land this year. And to Tony Wilkinson and Neville Powell from South Manchester Ringing Group and to Dave Fletcher and South West Lancashire Ringing Group for allowing me to carry out ringing in their ringing areas this year.
KB totals 2009.

Happy New Year!


  1. Well done! If nothing else, thats a lot of starlings!

  2. Hello Kane
    There are huge numbers of Coot on Pine lake at the moment and it is 50% frozen. I have been through a good 90-100 which have been fesding out on the grass but no joy with ringed birds. It might be worth a bit of a vigil for more birds coming and going within leg-visible range as I'm always pressed for time when visitng this site.



  3. Well done!

    Now you are entering a time zone where the number of birds you personally ring begins to drop towards zero, while your totals for the year continue to augment. Yes...everything you catch gets pressed into the hands of a grateful trainee, just as Steve did for you, and as I did for Steve :-) Wish him HNY from me next time you meet.

  4. Great totals Kane your enthusiasm is a credit to you,i never tire of seeing what you get up to, keep up the good work.

  5. Hi John - Thanks! Steve passes on his very best wishes to you and HNY :-)

  6. Thanks Sean, that means alot! See you soon mate.