Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Cool day for Coots.

The snow fell again during the night, here in Manchester and it's been very cold today, so I thought I would take a trip up to Crompton Lodges in Bolton. Most of the lake had frozen over and the Coot numbers had increased from my last visit. Around 30 Coot have been colour ringed at Crompton this year - however not many of them where around today (only read two ring combinations).

The birds were very hungry, when it's cold the birds are much tamer - so I thought i'd try and catch a few to ring. With it being quite cold - I kept handling to a minimum - so therefore didn't take any biometrics, just ringed the birds / aged and released.

30 birds in total caught - 22 new + 8 recap metal ringed birds which had colour rings added.

108 Coots have been colour ringed since October 2009
Any sightings of these birds can be sent to or to kanebrides''@''

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  1. Well done! The birds do seem tamer, the swans at watermead in Leicester wouldn't let us go home, they kept standing behind the car begging for food!