Monday, 10 October 2011

Today I Bumped Into A Fellow Northerner!

Walking through the Big Pen in the grounds at Slimbridge casually observing the Coots, I was rather shocked when a flash of yellow & pink caught my eye!!


This is getting spooky! It’s like they’re following me! Yup this is a Southport Marine Lake bird. Ringed there in November 2010, sighted 29 days later 6km away at Ainsdale by Stephen Menzie. It was then sighted at New House Pond in Stockport, Grt Manchester (64km ESE) on 28/03/2011 & 29/03/2011. The next sighting is at WWT Slimbridge on 07/10/2011 and today – 217km south in 311 days!

Slimmers  Coot


It’s not bothered about bread anymore! More like relishing on the daily grain handouts by staff & visitors!!

Now I’m waiting for the ‘‘You ringed this at Slimbridge’’ & ‘‘ you’re transporting them between sites’’ comments! :)


  1. You ringed this at SML and transported it between sites!!! :) Thought I'd get in there first fella!

  2. Amazing record! Must make more effort to check my 'local' birds again...

  3. Strangely compelling information! I used to live in Southport (long time ago) and never thought about Coots there leaving the Marine Lake to head south like this...