Saturday, 8 October 2011

Good day for Gold & Grey in the Garden!

Upon arriving back to Manchester last night, I was told how the garden was alive with Goldfinches earlier in the day, with around 40 counted from the living room window. I awoke this morning & peering out of my bedroom window I was amazed to see around 70 Goldfinches on the feeders & covering the ground!


So up I got and started to get the net ready with the help from Chris, no sooner had we got back inside and the net started to fill with Goldfinches, with 15 in the first net round & we ended the day on 42 new birds & 2 recaptures.


We were aware of several Grey Wagtails hanging around the lane and were rather surprised when one found it’s way into the net! Unfortunately this happened just as Steve Christmas left the house! As he’d been round dropping off rings (thanks Steve!)


Don’t think a Wren has ever appeared on this blog before!! So here’s one to settle that……


We ended the morning on catching 50 birds – 47 new & 3 recaps.

Goldfinch 42 new & 2 recaps
Grey Wagtail 1 new
Coal Tit 2 new
Blue Tit 1 new
Wren 1 new
Dunnock 1 recap

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