Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Colourful Coots.

Today will probably be the last Coot catching session for some time - since it's not as cold, the days are getting longer + most birds seem to have moved onto breeding grounds.

I thought it would be worth while taking stock on the project so far.
A total of 342 birds have been colour ringed - from November 2009 to March 2010. Of these 310 were new birds at the time of ringing and 32 were birds either recaptured or controlled and had colour rings added. These colour ringed birds have generated 459 re-sightings, either at the ringing site or within the local area. At the moment we've had one sighting of a bird that had travelled over 100km from the ringing site (see here).
More birds will soon be dispersing to summering & breeding grounds - so any sightings of colour ringed birds would be gratefully received. Sightings can be sent to me at kanebrides(AT)googlemail.com - all sightings will be acknowledged with full ringing & re sighting information on the bird/s observed.

I'd like to thank all the ringers who have helped me fit colour rings and also to everyone who has supplied sightings of colour marked birds.
Many thanks to Andy Harmer for allowing me to use these two photos - http://www.btinternet.com/~andyharmer/


  1. Reminds me; we sent in a sighting to BTO of a colour-ringed Coot from Thrybergh Country Park in Rotherham last year but have had no response yet. Would [LBR,P;RBM,R] be one of yours?

  2. Hi David,

    Left - Red above Pale Blue
    Right - Metal above Red

    This is a bird from a colour ringing project in Yorkshire.

    If you could drop me your e-mail address to kanebrides''@''googlemail.com - I can forward your the ringers contact details.

    Cheers Kane.