Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Coot to Cornwall!

I received an e-mail from Nigel Climpson this afternoon, with a sighting of a cr-ringed Coot - which makes it our furthest mover since the start of the project!!

Pink,BTO,Green,Green was ringed at Southport Marine Lake, just 26 days ago by me & Ciaran. It was sighted on 28/12/2010 by Nigel at Par Beach Pool in Cornwall – 390km from Southport

It would be nice to think that this bird is now in-line for crossing to France!

Many thanks to Nigel for the sighting & the above photo.


  1. As a regular to Par Beach Pool I can tell you we now have a huge number of Coots on the pool ....I will keep a look out for any ringed birds and will let you know in due course.

  2. Thanks! Any repeat sightings of this individual would be most welcome!! - kanebrides(at)

    Best wishes for 2011.

  3. Can't believe this passed me by, but an excellent movement! Must make the effort to get down there or even try to catch some!

  4. Still there today at Par as part of a 90 strong Coot group