Friday, 10 August 2012


No it’s not the total number of Coot that have now been colour marked, but the total number of visits to this blog has topped 100,000 since the first post in 2009!


Since the first post on 03/02/2009 a total of 304 posts have been blogged on this site. Blogger has a clever little statistics tool, which allows us to keep tabs on the total number of visits, where people are reading from and what sites they’ve been directed from!

So I thought we’d have a little look to see what’s been happening!

The most popular posts, in terms of the number of hits have been - The Brides, Bridge and Dinsmore Partnership (857 views), ‘‘How do you catch your Coot?’’ (708), The Flatey Experience (624) and Busy Week (401).

Not surprising Google was the most popular ‘referring site’ with 13,705 views being directed from Google. Then people also found their way onto the blog via BTO Demog Blog (9,748), Oaring (857), Sean Gray’s blog (817) and Peter Fearon’s blog (644).

The stats tool also allows us to see what folk have typed into search engines to find the blog. Some too rude to mention on here! But – ‘Kane Coot’ has been typed into search engines 802 times and is by far the most popular search! Followed by ‘Kane WWT’ (608) and ‘Puffin chick’ (203).

When we look at the audience and where they’ve visited from, the top ten are – UK (55,070), USA (10,919), Denmark (3,916), Norway (3,156), Spain (1,627), the Netherlands (1,364), Germany (907), France (829) and Russia (808).

We’ve posted from or blogged on ringing trips from Iceland (4 trips), France, Germany, Holland, Norway, Croatia, Romania and Russia!

So thank-you for reading the blog & to all those who have invited me out ringing with them or have joined me out in the field! It’s been quite an experience! :)

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  1. Your blog is my third highest referral site :) Thanks Kane, keep up the good work :)