Monday, 25 October 2010

Recent Controls.

Some information on two birds that we controlled recently.

Canada Goose - 5178436 ringed as an adult female on 01/07/1995 on the Beauly Firth, Scotland. Sighted by myself & Ciaran at Acre Dell Pools, Cheshire on 07/10/10. 500km

This bird has now been re-caught by David Cookson and had a green darvic ring (C14) added.

View 5178436 in a larger map

The second bird is a Teal which we observed at WWT Martin Mere, carrying a nasal saddle. Green D4A had been ringed at Reserve de Duer, in the Gulf of Morbihan, south of Brittany in France.

View FS79763 in a larger map

Thanks to David Cookson & Paul Cropper for information on the Canada Goose. And thanks to Matthieu Guillemain & David Rodrigues for information on the Teal.

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