Sunday, 10 October 2010

End of a busy week!

I’ll keep tonight's post short seeing as though we’ve managed to blog nearly every day this week.

Today we went back to Southport Marine Lake to try and catch Mute Swan broods. We were joined by Sam Bayley from the Horsham Ringers as he’s been in the area this weekend. So we met Sam at the Lake were upon arrival he already had the first bird of the day sat in the back of his car! A juvy Mute Swan that he found wandering on the road! Anyhow throughout the morning we managed to catch 12 birds on the Lake.


Sam had to leave around midday to head back south and Me & Ciaran were later joined by Craig who decided to have a lie in due to an evening of madness in Blackpool. We then toured a few ponds around Southport catching five more new birds & controlling one – ZZ4848.

You may have read in an earlier blog that Me & Ciaran attempted to do some sort of ringing, everyday this week. With the weather on our side we managed to accomplish this & we end the week on 192 new birds, 50 recaps & 16 controls.

Blue Tit2911
Great Tit3715
Coal Tit51
Reed Bunting11
G S Woodpecker01
Canada Goose40181
Mute Swan173
Tufted Duck1
Black Headed Gull210

We thought we would end tonight’s blog with a recap on the Black Headed Gull controls from this week.

Lithuania 2

And we can bring an update on some of the above birds on where they were ringed.

  • ES29912 – 4 – Moss Side Farm, Risley – Warrington 09/11/96
  • 05/10/10 – Southport Marine Lake – 41km
  • S7830 – 1 – Je Kabpils, Latvia – 14/06/2009
  • 05/10/10 – Southport Marine Lake - 1850km
  • EW55128 – 1 – WWT Slimbridge, Glos – 24/06/2010
  • 07/10/10 – Westport Lake, Stoke-on-Trent – 149km
  • 3656241 – 4 – Haringen, Friesland – Netherlands – 28/06/08
  • 07/10/10 – Westport Lake, Stoke-on-Trent - 511km
  • 3686085 - 1 - Skarterlan, Friesland - Netherlands - 09/06/10
  • 07/10/10 - Westport Lake, Stoke-on-Trent - 538km
  • EG45011 - 4 - Bowness on Windermere - Cumbria - 23/11/07
  • 06/10/10 - Pine Lake, Carnforth, Lancashire - 26km

Now the last job of the week is to input this weeks data from the notebook into IPMR!


Thanks to all the ringers who have helped me this week. A BIG thank-you to Ciaran for all his help too!

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  1. Where are the weights? ;) Quite a bit of work to input that lot!