Saturday, 30 October 2010

Gerrin ready!

A visit to the Shakerley feeding station was pencilled in for today, and having not had much time for ringing recently, I was rather looking forward to it. I had planned to be up & out early, but an evening in Manchester last night, soon put a stop to that idea! So I rose from my pit at 11am (shocking hour for a ringer!), moped around on the couch feeling sorry for myself before getting ready and leaving for Shakerley.


Despite the late start, sun shining on the net & a slight breeze whipping around the site, I didn’t do too badly and probably had one of the best days I’ve ever had at Shakerley! 80 birds caught, 63 new & 17 recaps.

SpeciesNew Recap
Blue Tit75
Great Tit119
Long Tailed Tit81
Coal Tit2

You will have probably have heard of the large numbers of Waxwings around at the moment. So I thought I would be prepared for their arrival, should they decide to descend on Atherton like they did in 2004/05 (250-300 on Boxing day!). So I’ve contacted a number of people who have Rowan trees in their gardens & asked permission to catch Waxwings, should they appear! Here’s hoping…..

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  1. There's nothing quite like being prepared or confident Kane so good luck with the Waxwings when they arrive.