Thursday, 7 October 2010

Coot & more Gulls!

A visit to Redesmere Lake in Cheshire was on the agenda this morning, coupled with a visit to a new site in Staffordshire; Westport Lake.

So 8am found us at Redesmere catching & ringing more Coot. An hour, 7 Coot & 1 Tufted Duck later we decided to call it a morning & move onto Westport Lake.


At Westport the catching was very good – probably as the birds had never been caught before! Today we managed to catch 14 new birds and 1 control. The control was of a Coot ringed at Redesmere Lake in November 2009 – 20km distance.


To add to a successful weeks ring reading of Black Headed Gull rings, we attempted to read four rings on gulls at Westport. However we only managed to read three of them. Two from the Netherlands (3656241 & 3686085) and one darvic ringed bird (White 2N28).


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