Monday, 18 October 2010

Coots on the move!

Taken by Jonathan Scragg - GR05429 (Below)

I received a batch of colour ring sightings last week from Kenneth Richardson, who regularly sends in sightings of birds on the Leeds & Liverpool canal. On inputting these into IPMR, it was obvious that these were bringing to light some interesting local movements.

GR05401 6F 11/01/2010 Southport Marine Lake
07/03/2010 Old Roan, Aintree, Merseyside - 21km SSE
30/03/2010 Old Roan, Aintree, Merseyside
31/03/2010 Old Roan, Aintree, Merseyside
15/05/2010 Deeside Nature Reserve, Flintshire - 47km S
29/05/2010 Deeside Nature Reserve, Flintshire
13/09/2010 Old Roan, Aintree, Merseyside
02/10/2010 Old Roan, Aintree, Merseyside
09/20/2010 Old Roan, Aintree, Merseyside

GR05429 6F 11/01/2010 Southport Marine Lake
20/04/2010 Great Marton, Blackpool - 17km N
23/04/2010 Great Marton, Blackpool
25/04/2010 Great Marton, Blackpool
10/10/2010 Bank Hall, Kirkdale, Merseyside - 24km S

GR05424 6 11/01/2010 Southport Marine Lake
10/10/2010 Netherley, Merseyside - 19km S
12/10/2010 Stanley Park, Blackpool - 19km N

GR05823 6F 16/01/2010 Southport Marine Lake
04/04/2010 Meresands Wood, Rufford, Lancs - 11km E
16/05/2010 Meresands Wood, Rufford
05/10/2010 Southport Marine Lake

The blog has been a little quiet recently, this is due to me being busy at work at the moment & not finding the time to blog in the evenings. I have been out ringing & last week caught/ringed 76 new birds, recapped 15 and controlled one - a Chaffinch - L333984.

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