Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Super Duper Southport - Another 50!

Went to Southport again today with another 50 G rings and a box full of colour rings - met Sean there as he had come over to give me a hand. Southport is turning out to be Coot catching mecca with another 53 birds caught today making it 100 new birds ringed during two days!!

We were joined by another two ringers, when Peter and Thomas Fearon turned up which made processing the birds much quicker. We normally take full biometrics on the Coots but with it being quite cold at the moment - we only took wing measurements.

Tufted Duck were quite tame and feeding off corn that we placed into the shallow areas for them and allowing us to catch them quite easily, resulting in 23 new birds being caught and controlling 2 birds (i.e ringed by another ringer away from Southport).

Thanks to all who help out and thanks to Sean for coming all the way over from Yorkshire - always a pleasure to work with him.

Meanwhile Steve has been out catching today and has also managed to catch several Tufted Duck. People always ask me how I manage to catch the birds and one reason is that I've had a good teacher!

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