Sunday, 10 January 2010

Brrrrr - It seems to be getting colder!!

Not much ringing carried out during the week due to the weather. However I started off yesterday by nipping up to Crompton Lodges in Bolton to catch a few Coot. I also took time out to count the birds and read some colour ring combinations. 93 Coot where on the Lake and of them 45 already had colour rings, 6 new birds had colour rings added + 2 metal rings read ''in the field'' or ''on the ice!'' - so out of 93 birds at least 53 of the Coot carried rings.

I then nipped into Shakerley to feed the birds and noticed it was quite busy - so off home I went to fetch the poles and net. I decided to only have the nets up for an hour & half to allow the birds to feed. 37 birds caught of which 24 were new and 13 recap.

Back at home, Steve called and so after a quick conversation we went to a Lake in Wigan - catching 3 Mute Swans, 2 Canada Geese and 4 Coot.

This morning I met Michael Miles and Clive Richards from South Manchester Ringing Group to allow them some experience in wildfowl ringing. We met at Redesmere Lake and managed to catch a few Coot and Tufted Duck.

Seumus Eaves and Craig Brookes from the Fylde Ringing Group faired far better at catching Coots this morning - which they colour ringed. Many thanks!!

** If you're awaiting a reply/email from me regarding catching Coot - I've not forgotten! I'm just trying to work my way through a backlog of e-mails!**

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