Sunday, 24 January 2010

It's all happening in Leicestershire

After tip offs from local birders of a lone Whooper Swan in a field in Leicestershire, Julie from Watermead CP went in search to see whether it was our bird - Z3G. Apparently the location was not accessible on foot, so Julie along with a friend sailed to the location. Using binoculars, Julie found the Whooper Swan which seemed ''wild'' and after getting closer the bird got out of the water - revealing a nice shiny yellow darvic ring - it was Z3G!

Although in the company of two Mute Swans, he's now doing what a Whooper Swan should be doing - eating grass and not begging for handouts!

For the record, heres what we have on his movements.
25/05/2009 - 22/10/2009 - Bowness on Windermere, Cumbria.
30/10/2009 - 03/11/2009 - Kingsmill Reservoir, Nottingham.
11/11/2009 - 17/12/2009 - Watermead Country Park, Leicester.
24/01/2010 - 24/01/2010 - Near Cossington Mill, Rothley, Leicester.
Thanks as always to Julie (and others) for keeping us posted on this bird and for the above photo.


  1. This bird goes to show that some of the "Tame" birds we see in the local parks and at feeding sites are still very much wild.

  2. This bird is imprinted on Mute Swans and is still with two at Cossington, Leics on March 18th. t was there as an unringed first-winter from January until May 2009.