Sunday, 3 January 2010

A spot of ring reading.

I decided to take my Niece and Nephew to feed the ducks at Pennington Flash this morning, so whilst they were happily feeding the quack quacks I tried to read a few rings on the Coot.


GN22752 was ringed at Pennington Flash on 30/12/1999 as a 4M by the Leigh Ringing Group. So he's now over 11 years old!

GN34594 was originally ringed at Pennington Flash in 2003 and 12 days ago I caught it and colour ringed it in a park 2km away from Pennington Flash. The pond where I had caught it was totally frozen over this morning.

Also managed to read ST250073 (from Finland) on a Black Headed Gull - so not a bad morning!

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