Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Updates on the Black Headed Gulls.

We can now bring an update on all three of the ringed Black Headed Gulls, that Me & Ciaran read at Pennington Flash on Tuesday.

White TH34 was ringed as an adult on 02/05/2010 at Swinoujscie Harbour (Poland) by Marcin Sowa of the Kolring Team.
To see a photo of TH34 in the hand, just after being ringed see Marcin's post here.
1105km is the distance from the ringing site to Pennington Flash.
Many thanks to Marcin for information on this bird. Please send one of your neck collar'd Coots next time ;-)

The bird from Lithuania - HA06.762 - was ringed as a chick on 13/06/2008 at Kalviai Klaipeda - 1555km to Pennington Flash.

And the bird from Finland - ST263065 - was ringed as a fledgling on 06/07/2010 in Helsinki - 1814km to Pennington Flash.

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