Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Around the world & back to Shak!


Three weeks ago we got the feeding station up and running at Shakerley with high hopes for another good year of netting. Having monitored the station over the last week or so & refilled the feeders almost daily, we decided that today was the right time to have the first go of the season.

Arriving at 7am the feeding station net was up first & then we decided to have a speculative attempt at catching Meadow Pipits on the surrounding farmland. Within minutes of the Meadow Pipit call being on the first bird appeared in the nets but unfortunately was to be the last! A Kestrel & a Magpie managed to successfully evade capture, both birds bouncing out of the net!


Luckily it was the feeding station net that produced the goods, capturing 49 new & 2 recaps.

Blue Tit14
Great Tit8 / 2
Coal Tit 1
Great Spotted Woodpecker1
Reed Bunting1
Meadow Pipit 1



We then decided to head down to Pennington Flash for a bacon butty & a spot of ring reading! A trio of Black Headed Gull controls from three separate countries were read today – A darvic ringed bird from Poland (White TH34) and two metal rings, one from Lithuania (HA06.762) & another from Finland (ST263065). We’ll post some information on these birds when we hear back from the ringing scheme.


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