Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back to the roost!

Out again this evening at Worsley with Steve, Jenny, Ciaran, Craig & Chris. Arriving early tonight allowed us to put the nets up in a slightly different position, which helped us to maximise the efficiency of the catch. The flock began to gather and grew steadily to around the 200 mark and, encouraged by the tape began to gradually descend into the reeds to roost. 84 Swallow (2 controls), 2 Sand Martin and a bonus in the form of a Yellowhammer: a first for the site: found their way into the nets.


To summarise, we have now caught over 500 Swallows this year, including 3 controls from other sites – L252193, X931799, X938393

Thanks to everyone for their help, hopefully we can have another go on Friday weather permitting.

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