Thursday, 30 June 2011

Something a Little Different!

After leaving Dave yesterday, I got some work out of the way before leaving in the early evening to Anglesey with Kieran Foster, Zac & Chris to attempt some nocturnal netting. We were after Storm Petrels & Manx Shearwater, as we waited for what seemed like an age for it to go completely dark – we were rewarded with two Storm Petrels and 7 Manx Shearwater!


It was obvious it was going to be a Manxie night, as good numbers were off shore calling loudly with their eerie call. Six new Manx Shearwater were bagged, along with a bird already carrying a ring, as the last bird of the evening or early morning (!) It certainly rounded off a first class trip! The controlled bird being ringed on Bardsey Island as a chick in 2005….


Leaving Anglesey at 3am & arriving home at 5am, tired and overwhelmed at handling two very smart birds!, controlling the Bardsey bird, smelling a Storm Petrel (lovely!) and……….. hearing a Coot flying over the sea, calling loudly in the pitch black – which is something I’ve always wanted to witness!!!

Thanks to Kieran for a tip top night!! & Zac for the above photos…

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