Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lucky Kestrel!

Out with Dave Edwards yesterday morning, checking Barn Owl & Kestrel broods in the Astley Moss area of Greater Manchester. It was obvious that we’d missed the first brood of Kestrels, as a fledged brood were flying around with their parents! However upon entering the barn, it seemed one of the pulli had taken it’s first flight from the box, and landed straight through the skylight of a VW campervan! Luckily the campervan was open and Dave managed to get the bird, which was duly ringed before being released & joining it’s siblings!


We then went onto check a few Barn Owl locations, however it seems they’re not having a particularly good year on the mosslands with just one chick ringed….


Two Stock Dove pulli, 8 Swallow pulli and a brood of 4 small Kestrels were also ringed during the morning…..

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