Sunday, 29 May 2011

Reed Warbler Monitoring.

Several days ago I donned my waders and headed into one of our local reed beds to check on Reed Warbler nests. I always enjoy looking for the nests of one of my favourite warblers! The first nest I came to contained 5 big chicks (FM stage) which slightly worried me that I’d left my first visit too late! However out of the thirty nests I found, only one other nest contained young (FS stage), the others all containing eggs (102 eggs counted).


A visit to Atherton Woods to check on nest boxes and sign off most of the tit nest record cards was had. This allowed me to check on the two Treecreeper nests. One nest had fledged their young, whilst the other held 6 (FS) chicks. Very delicately I managed to slip my hand into the nest and get at the chicks for ringing.

MEMO0001 (2)


The wind has now died down, but has been replaced by rain! So I’m still yet to get out and do some mist netting. The garden trap has been doing all the catching over the last few days, much to the amusement of the kids when they’ve been visiting!



With several Wood Pigeon captured and one Bullfinch (female), the above male is still a little nervous of entering the trap!



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