Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nest Box Checking.

Saturday just gone, Chris & I checked 97 nest boxes at WWT Martin Mere, with around 150 nest boxes onsite – we find it very hard to cover all these in a day! However of the 97 boxes, 74 were occupied with the majority being used by Tree Sparrows (62 nest), along with 9 Blue Tit and 3 Great Tit.


It seemed that we missed a large percentage of the first broods, as lots of nests contained 2nd clutches with a handful containing big chicks. Just wish we could find the time to check these boxes earlier in the season, but everything seems to come at once when we’re at our busiest.

88 pulli were ringed – 39 Blue Tit, 19 Great Tit and 30 Tree Sparrow. All the Tree Sparrow pulli were colour ringed as part of a project that WWT wardens are carrying out.


Visitors to Martin Mere can help by sending in sightings of colour ringed Tree Sparrows. Sightings can be handed to the front desk and asked to be sent to the Research Office, or jotted down on the sightings boards in any of the hides. 


Meanwhile back at home – Whilst I was away last week my Granddad kindly built me a new trap, so we’ve been putting it to use during this windy weather and have caught the first juveniles of the year (Robin, Blackbird, & Song Thrush).


and a brood of Blackcap also ringed…


Still no mist netting due to this strong wind – will it ever give in!?