Monday, 16 May 2011

Back to the Woods….

We decided to finish off the remaining boxes this morning in Atherton Woods, ringing any pulli that were big enough to ring. Nearly all the Great Tit are now ringed & should be fledging at the end of the week. Blue Tit are a little all over the place with birds still incubating eggs to a pair that should have their young off later this week! So we’ve got a few more visits to complete before everything is ringed….


36 Blue Tit, 17 Great Tit and an adult Stock Dove that we managed to lift off the nest. She was quickly ringed and placed back onto her nest, were she sat tight as we quietly retreated away from the nest.


Then a little observation work paid off as we found two Treecreeper nests. One containing 3 chicks and another with 6 eggs.


And finally a walk around Shakerley to check on Whitethroat nests revealed that the first eggs have been laid. Also found my first ever Linnet nest, so I’m rather hoping this nest pulls through and I can ring the pulli…….

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