Saturday, 7 August 2010

Fishing for Fulmars.

When the weather permitted us to sail off the island, we often went fishing to catch some grub for our dinner. A nice afternoon off from ringing & a light spot of fishing we thought! But a nice quite afternoon of fishing soon turned into a small off shore ringing expedition, when the Fulmars started to surround the boat!

P10605707 men in a boat, 2 nets & 2 fishing rods & lots of Fulmars!

Whilst half of the team concentrated on catching the bait, the other half did the catching (see video above), Aevar was on gutting duties & Sverrir did the ringing!






Lots of Fulmars ringed (Also Kittiwake & Arctic Tern too!) it was time to wash down (anyone who has handled Fulmars will know why!) then Ciaran & Craig made a superb evening meal! 



Out ringing till 3am on most mornings, drinking Gin with the locals & attending barn dances (amongst other things, which we wont mention!) soon took its toll on one member of the group!! 

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