Sunday, 7 June 2009


A few weeks ago I noticed a pair of Jays in our local cemetery and after a bit of detective work I managed to find their nest. Unfortunately it was at the top of a very spindly Holly tree and there was no way the tree would have held my weight!

So I sent a mirror on a pole up the tree in order for me to monitor the contents of the nest. They laid 4 eggs, all hatched and this week were due to fledge. The only way for me to get at them to ring was to monitor them carefully and check the nest & tree each day for fledged youngsters.

The first two fledged today and branched to a nearby tree - allowing me to climb it and retrieve one of the birds (the other was too high up the tree!).

After ringing and a quick photo shoot, he was placed back in the tree.

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