Thursday, 11 June 2009

Black Headed gulls.

Finally, after months and months of planning - we were issued with licences to sail over to the islands on a Reservoir in Cumbria to ring young Black Headed gulls. It is reported that during the breeding season - the island holds between 1000 - 2000 pairs of Black Headed gulls.

A very happy Craig and Steve on leaving the island!

226 young Black Headed gulls ringed.

Many thanks to the following people who have helped us with advice, gaining access and ringing the birds- Cath Ferguson (British Waterways), Jez Blackburn & Sam Birch (BTO), Fred Gould, Peter Lawson, Robin Sellers, Stephen Christmas, Craig Brookes, Ciaran Hatsall and Chris Bridge.

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  1. Hallo Kane,
    I think the cloth or wood hold boxes are better than plastic. The material as wood chips or litter for pets on the bottom of plastic boxes is well too.
    Zdeněk Moudrý, Czech Republic