Saturday, 13 June 2009

Having fun with gulls in Wales (as seen on Springwatch)

I'm currently staying and working in North Wales carrying out aerial survey work around the North Wales coast. Last night we stayed in Llandudno and with seeing how Simon King on Springwatch tamely fed the Herring Gulls in Llandudno - I wanted a go! But obviously I wanted to try and catch one or two to ring, so after enquiring with the BTO - to make sure I wasn't going to be ringing in any others ringers area, I was all set. So after arriving in Llandudno, booking into our hotel, we then went in search of food! With KFC bucket & chips bought, we made our way to the sea front and immediately were confronted with a handful of Herring gulls!

With planning on going out for a few drinks after our KFC, I was careful where the birds rear end was!!

I should point out to any ''non ringer'' readers of this blog - that I do have a licence to catch and ring these birds.....

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