Saturday, 29 January 2011

Rindle Road & Recent Recoveries.

The alarm was set for 7am this morning, but I did the fatal thing in turning back over for 5 more minutes! Which turned into 30 minutes & I was late for meeting Steve and Jenny at the Rindle Road feeding station. I arrived to find that Steve & Jenny had the nets up & were about to undertake the first net round.

P1090122I’ll keep this short as I’ve got some recoveries to post - Throughout the morning we captured 35 birds including 33 new & 2 recaps.


SpeciesNew Recap
Tree Sparrow6
Reed bunting1
Blue Tit7
Great Tit2
Dunnock 1
9 species.332

Recent Recoveries

Rook – EP59784 – 31/06/07 – Balleyhealy, Wexford, found dead next to electric fence at Tohaggard, Wexford (3km) on 15/02/09.

Tufted Duck – FP32059 – 13/01/10 – Sefton Park, Liverpool, caught & released by anglers at Eccleston Mere, St Helens (14km) on 25/03/10

Reed Bunting – X922999 – 07/04/10 – Shakerley, Atherton Manchester, caught by ringers at Grimley, Worcester (144km) on 15/10/10.

Mute Swan – ZY1806 – 08/11/09 – Bowness on Windermere, Cumbria, ring read in field at Fairhaven Lake, Fylde (69km) on 26/09/10.

Mute Swan – ZY1364 – 10/09/09 – Sambrook Mill, Telford, controlled at Southport Marine Lake (101km) on 10/10/10.

Coot – GR25240 – 07/10/10 – Westport Lake, Stoke – on – Trent. Ring read in field at Stanley Park, Blackpool – 100km

Coot – GR25246 – 07/10/10 – Westport Lake, Stoke – on – Trent, Ring read in field at Watermead County Park, Leics – 85km

Coot – GR05475 – 12/01/10 – Southport Marine Lake, Lancs. Ring read in field at Cinderbarrow Tarn, Yealand, Lancs – 58km

Coot – GR25226 – 28/09/10 – Crompton Lodges, Bolton, Manchester. Ring read in field at Stanley Park, Blackpool – 51km

Coot – GR25181 – 24/11/10 – Pennington Flash, Leigh, Manchester. Ring read in field at Stanley Park, Blackpool - 48km


  1. Kane - I assume this is one of your coot.
    White over black on the left leg, pink over BTO on the right

    Seen 29.01.11 at Kincraig Road Lake Bispham Blackpool with just nine other coots. SD 326 404



  2. Thanks for this Dave. I'll e-mail you some information on this bird.