Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bullfinch Bonanza!

My niece and nephew stayed the night and when I got up this morning, Kye was sat down stairs watching television. He asked me where I was going & when I told him I was going catching birdies, his eyes lit up and he asked if he could come! So I got him ready & loaded him, the ringing gear and myself into the car for a trip to Shakerley.

It seemed pretty quiet at Shakerley with the odd Goldfinch & Siskin here and there, in fact there were around 10 Siskin near the feeding station – but none were captured. Movement over head of Pink-footed Geese was nice to watch & show Kye, whilst we waited to do the first net round.


On the first net round it appeared that we were in for a good Bullfinch day, with 10 Bullfinch sitting in the net awaiting extraction – along with a Blackbird. Although only four years old, Kye isn’t up to scribing just yet, but he made a perfect holder of the bird bags as I did the extracting!


Anyway to cut a short story short we ended up catching 24 Bullfinch, which consisted of 6 new birds & 18 recaps from previous visits, including catching a bird that I’d ringed in my garden in 2010 (1km distance). Also caught were 2 new Blackbird, 1 new Blue Tit + 1 recap and 1 recap Great Tit.


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