Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Nesting update from Grt Manchester.

Well things seem to be in full swing here in Greater Manchester on the breeding front and not just with the birds! My new baby niece, Marine-Grace was hatched in the wee early hours of yesterday morning, being the latest addition to our family. It won't be long until she's out in the field with notebook in one hand and ringing pliers in the other!

Anyhow back onto the avian activity. Lots of nests on the go, most with eggs, a few have hatched with one or two nests ready to be laid up. A few of my Blackbird nests have managed to survive the incubating stage but have soon been predated shortly after hatching. There's nothing more disheartening when you grab your ringing gear, and aim for a nest that you know contains ringable pulli - only to see some of the nesting material sticking up from the base of the nest, then placing your hand in to confirm that they've been had by something.

Blackbirds, Song & Mistle Thursh are at various stages at the moment - most with eggs and a small number with young (around 2-3 days old).

Woodpigeon (below) & Collard Dove, a number of nests have young especially the latter species, although some broods have been predated. I've ringed a brood of Woodpigeon (on 18th) that were at the FM (feather medium) stage, another nest has been successful and fledged their young.

Tawny Owl & Barn Owl - Tawny incubating three eggs in a nest box (should be hatching any day now) and a brood have already fledged (2 young). Barn Owl on eggs, which is great news as this is a new site in Greater Manchester, where they've never been recorded breeding before! Blue Tits are laying up now and most Great Tit nests are ready to have eggs laid, one or two of the latter species are still building in the boxes in Atherton Woods.

I'm currently recording two warbler nests, a Chiffchaff that had 4 eggs on a check yesterday and Blackcaps currently building. Chaffinch (above) & Greenfinch - two nests of each all awaiting to complete their clutches. We've not yet got round to heading into the local heronry yet, but hopefully we will in the next week or two. And finally the 'cardboard' family of Robins are doing rather well!

If you're interested in participating in the BTO's Nest Record Scheme you can get more information here



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