Monday, 26 December 2011

Festive Ringing….In Brief…..

Having a few days off work on the run up to Christmas, has allowed us to get out & about to do quite a bit of ringing. Time that was set aside to finish off Christmas shopping went out of the window, as we travelled around catching.

So in brief this is what we’ve been up to -


Tufted Duck have started to become more bolder, resulting in us catching & ringing 7 birds.


Whilst catching Black-headed Gulls at Southport McDonalds (!) we placed a potter trap out and managed to catch several Starling!


As well as hand catching a Common Gull.


We’ve been busy netting the feeding stations in Atherton Woods, trying to catch Blue Tits for Zac’s dissertation project.


We were eager to get out to start catching Black-headed gulls for the darvic’ing project. With 23 new birds caught this week + 1 Swedish control.




2A00 fresh in from Oslo! Seen at Bowness on Windermere on Christmas Eve!

Species Total.
Black-headed Gull 23
Common Gull 1
Coot 24
Canada Goose 9
Starling 4
Blackbird 1
Blue Tit 14
Great Tit 10
Coal Tit 1
Chaffinch 1
Bullfinch 1
Reed Bunting 1
Tufted Duck 7
Thanks to Gillian & Ciaran for the above photos….

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