Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I’m Still Alive!

A quick update…..Sorry for the lack of postings recently! I’ve been quite busy, mainly as I’ve got a new job at WWT Slimbridge, so I’ve been busy in sorting things out, twinned with the fact that the weather has been awful! 

I shall be moving to Slimbridge in the next two weeks to start my new job in the Species Monitoring Unit. The post is ringing based, so I’ll be able to blog about what I’m getting up to! I’m also planning on being at home most weekends to catch up with family & of course to continue my ringing activities back in the great NW!


Anyhow over the last week or so I’ve had one or two days catching Coot and have managed to capture and colour ring 35 more birds. We’ve got a rather special occasion looming with the Coot project, so we’ll blog about this – probably next week, depending on how quick we can work, and how good the lads are at catching this week < no pressure Zac/Chris!

During a quick meet at Preston Docks at lunch time today with Zac, we managed to catch this juvenile Lesser Black Backed Gull.


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