Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Ringing Round-up

-A quick update on our recent ringing activities…..

We’ve had a few days off from ringing during the festive period, but with only a few days left of the year – we’re now back out catching & ringing.

Over the last few days we’ve made trips to Lake Windermere, Southport Marine Lake & Crompton Lodges – mainly ringing wildfowl and gulls.

Black H Arnhem

At Windermere we caught 14 Black Headed Gull & 1 control (above). Plus a new species to be ringed at Windermere – a Common Gull!



Meanwhile today at Southport the thaw seems to have set in (at last!) and we continued with the good run of Coots, catching 30 new birds & recapping 2. Whilst Ciaran concentrated on catching Tufted Duck (9 caught), I also caught & darvic’d 10 Mute Swan for the North West Swan Study.


Finally - during two days at Crompton Lodges we caught 31 new Coot & recapped 5, which had colour rings fitted…


Thanks to Ciaran, Craig, Sam Bayley & Callum Hatsell for their help during the last few days…..


  1. Okay Kane I give up!! The BH Gulls up here will not approach to within ten feet, even thgo the local inbred ducks will feed out of the hand! I think they don't get fed enough by humans up here, are the sites you visit fed a lot by folk? I have one more site to visit but it's very very public.



  2. Hi Dave,

    The sites where we catch the gulls are very public, so the birds do get fed a lot. However, having said that - we do have days were we come home without catching any gulls!! They have to be in the mood :-) So don't give up easily! I normally find that the general public are very interested in what we're doing & often come over for a chat and a look at the birds...

    All the best